Campground Rules  

Our goal is to provide you with a safe and fun camping experience

  • Speed limit is 5 mph on all camp roads.
  • Check in time is Noon. Check out time is Noon.
  • All visitors must stop at the office and register and pay visitor fee. A visitor is anyone who is not registered to a campsite. All visitors must leave the campground by 10pm
  • Quiet time is 11:00 pm to 8:00 am. Outside RV Lights, Radios, TV’s and Bug Zappers must be turned off during quiet time. Children must be on their campsite or with a parent during quiet time.
  • Outside radios should not be able to be heard off of your site at any time.
  • Children under 18 must have a parent or guardian in the campground at all times. Playground closes at dusk. Please read posted rules.
  • Bicycle helmets must be worn by anyone under 14 while on a bike.
  • No water balloons allowed. No sprinklers or playing in water hoses allowed. No swim pools on sites.
  • Your pet must be on a leash at all times. Rabies certificates must be presented in the office at time of check-in. You must clean up after your pet. Please take your pet with you when you leave the campground. You are responsible for your pet at all times!
  • To protect yourself and other campers, please keep your campfires small. Fires must be in a fire ring. Do not move fire rings. Please extinguish fire before you retire for the night. Remember - you are surrounded by trees.
  • No refrigerators or appliances are allowed outside your trailer.
  • Do not cut, mar or damage the trees in any way.
  • Please help keep the buildings and grounds clean. Please put garbage inside of a plastic bag and place it in the dumpster. Garbage dumpster is located near the front drive.  Please leave only your garbage. No large items.
  • RV and car washing are not allowed at the campground.
  • There is a limit of two cars per site. Please see management for additional parking.
  • No clothes line less than 6 foot high for everyone’s safety. Please remember clotheslines are temporary – remove when not in use.
  • Proper bathing attire is required for the pool. T-shirts and shorts, or street clothes are not allowed.
  • No off road vehicles allowed on campground property. Golf carts are allowed with medical necessity and management permission. Must authorize with the camp management.  Please follow the 5 mph speed limit.
  • No fireworks (this includes Chinese lanterns, sparklers, cap guns) weapons or firearms are allowed on campground property.
  • No refunds will be given for any reason.
  • Management is not responsible for accidents and personal property damage or loss.
  • Management reserves the right to evict anyone violating the rules of good camping, destroying property, illegal behavior or creating a disturbance.

Swim Rules

The swimming facilities at FLINT CREEK CAMPGROUND are not supervised by a lifeguard or other responsible person. In place of on-site supervision, this facility has established a series of safeguards to be followed by all guests.

We are required to: notify you of these rules, to ensure that pool rescue equipment is at the pool and that the swimming pool is maintained in a sanitary manner. In the interest of your safety and that of your guests, we require you to follow these rules.

Please read the safety rules located at the entrance and outlined on this sheet. If you have any questions, we will be happy to discuss them with you.

  • NEVER SWIM ALONE. A minimum of two adults, 18 years of age or older, must be present whenever this swimming facility is in use.
  • THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR ADEQUATE SUPERVISION. Children 16 years old and younger must be accompanied to the swimming facility by a parent or guardian, or an adult (over 18) who is responsible for the children and their behavior.
  • IN AN EMERGENCY, NOTIFY THE CAMP STORE AND CONTACT HELP BY DIALING 911 at the phone located by the camp store entrance.
  • This pool may only be used during the posted pool hours.
  • Do not drink alcohol and swim.
  • No diapers are allowed in pool. Swimmies must by worn by babies and toddlers. Please change diapers outside the pool area.
  • No rough play, dunking or wrestling allowed.
  • Proper Swim attire must be worn – SUITS ONLY -No Jean shorts, T-shirts, street clothes or jewelry allowed.
  • No running or diving or flips or rough play allowed.
  • No food or drinks allowed in pool area.
  • Please be courteous of all guests
  • There is a maximum of 32 people allowed in the pool. Please be kind and share the pool time

Injuries can be prevented and safety is everyone’s responsibility. If you notice any problems with the water quality or the absence of safety equipment, please notify us at once.

Please see the owners, Gary or Beth, if you have any questions regarding the rules and regulations.. Thank you for your cooperation.

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